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Alternative phones for iPhone 7 Plus

Is $770 worth it for a new iPhone? Which phone is more capable or as capable and is cheaper to purchase than the iPhone 7 Plus? Here is a list of Phones that we have compiled which can run as fast as the iPhone 7 Plus. 1. NEXUS 6P How Fast is it? The Nexus […]

iPhone 7 Plus Matches LG V20?

Phones are now competitors for taking the best high quality photos. The LG V20 has been one of the top notch phones with capturing photos. The quality of the LG V20’s photos is better than the Samsung Galaxy S6 and similar to the S7 however is the LG V20 more advanced than the iPhone 7 […]

iPhone 7 plus Camera Could Replace DSLR’s

The new iPhone 7 Plus has the brand new wide angle lens with much better precision with capturing images. This camera is able to capture very detailed images with high quality depth of field photos. The differences between iPhone 7 plus and DSLR’s The iPhone 7 plus is Automatic with taking photos. The Dual 12 […]