Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Repairs

Galaxy S8 Plus

Repair Issue Includes Repair Time Price
Glass Replacement Broken Glass | Working LCD | Touch Working 2hr Call Us For Price
LCD Replacement Broken LCD Screen | Touch Not Working 45mins Call Us For Price
Battery Replacement Phone Doesn’t Hold A Charge | Phone Dies 25mins Call Us For Price
Broken Charging Port Phone doesn’t charge | Microphone doesn’t work 25mins Call Us For Price

Galaxy S8 Plus Repair |

Galaxy S8 Plus Glass Repair.

Glass replacement its most popular repair. If your Galaxy touch screen works fine and you don’t see any discoloring, that means it just a glass need to be replace. If you do have a crack glass on any Galaxy feel free to call us and ask for the latest price! Our customers know that we keep our prices lower than everyone else.

Galaxy S8 Plus Screen Replacement

Galaxy screen after a drop, stop functioning. You will start notice a discoloring and in most of cases touch stop working witch means that LCD needs to be replace to make it work again. We can done your galaxy s8 screen repair service in less that an hour.

Galaxy S8 Plus Battery Replacement

We also do Galaxy s8 plus Battery replacement. phone doesn’t hold a charge a more than an 5 hours of normal using it, that means it’s time to replace you battery. It can take about 10-15 minutes!

Good To Know |

We’re professional Galaxy S8 plus screen Repair service! We will completely fix your cracked or broken glass on your Galaxy. If you have a cracked Samsung Galaxy screen, or even if your Galaxy front glass is completely broken. This repair service will fully replace the broken front glass “digitizer” and “LCD” screen.

We use the highest quality replacement glass available for this repair.

For more details on our Galaxy S8 plus repairs service, please contact us anytime at (201) 372-0303 or feel free to come in at our repair store, we Located close to you in Rutherford NJ

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