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Samsung Note 7 Alternative!

Huawei Mate 9 This phone is basically a phablet just like the high potential Note 7. This phone is built to last and is built with a fast processor, great camera, and lastly with a high capacity battery life. This phone has a solid build quality that can withstand many drops but like all phones […]

Apple Charges $69 for AirPod Replacements

When Apple released the AirPod the public were not expecting to be surprised by it’s potential. These wireless headphones are matched with SIRI to let the user know about anything they want. When you lose one of your AirPods then your out on cash also. If you lose your head piece and want to have […]

How to Solve Macbook Pro 2016 Battery Issues.

The Apple Macbook has run across some issues with it’s stability with battery life. The New Apple Macbook Pro 2016 is not so perfect as they say on the media. Users have experienced 2 hours of battery life when the Macbook itself should be surviving for 10 hours of battery life. When Users of the […]

The Apple Watch Series 2 worth $380?

The Apple Watch Nike+ sales diminished compared to last year. The Apple Watch Series 2 Nike+ has new accommodations for this devices user. This electronic watch is now fully waterproof for up to 50 meters underwater and has a one of a kind comfortable strap. This device comes with two exclusive Nike watch faces for […]

Top 5 Best Dongle’s for Macbook Pro 2016

1. HyperDrive Dongle  “The Best Solution” for 12″ MacBook – Wall Street Journel Designed for new 12″ MacBook. Also works with other USB Type-C devices like 2016 MacBook Pro, Chromebook Pixel Turns a single USB Type-C port into 5 ports: USB Type-C (supports pass through charging) SDXC micro SDXC 2 x USB 3.0 Slim & compact. […]

BlackBerry DTEK60

BlackBerry recently announced it’s primetime new phone DTEK60. This Phone is no longer equipped with a keyboard and is running with a touchscreen. BlackBerry hasn’t put much power into this phone, however, it is a great step forward for their brand to keep up with the more popular commercialized phones in the mobile phone market. […]

Google Pixel Triumphs Apple’s iPhone?

When the Cyber weekend happened, so many consumers stepped up to the plate to buy as much as they needed during the hectic holiday sales. A big opportunity appeared for many companies to start pushing out major deals across the world and one company was making hit deals over another.   The Google Pixel device […]

Amazon Echo Beats Sale Records!

Amazon released Echo during 2014 with positive reviews across the boards. Amazon was able to sell over 5 million Echo products all together. This product replicates what Siri does on a daily basis. Echo did not have the attention of everyone on release date which was less then 25% of Amazon’s community. Then when heavy […]

Charging Cables

The battery inside of a phone and tablet are very fragile and if misused then your phone could go powerless and break. Every consumer that has a phone must make sure that their charger is from the phone’s manufacture and if the charging cable or usb charge hub is not from the phones provider then specifically […]