Iphone 5s Repairs

The iPhone 5S released on September 21, 2013.The models are as follows: A1518, A1528 A1530, A1533, or A1537. iLogic Repairs fix any issue with iPhone 5S such us Power button, Home button, Dock connector, Battery and Water Damage.

Repair Issue Includes Repair Time Price
Glass Replacement Broken Glass|Cracked LCD 20mins $54.95 +tax
Broken Dock Connector Phone doesn’t charge|Mic or Headphones don’t work 25min $34.95 +tax
Battery Replacement Phone Doesn’t Hold A Charge/Phone Dies 20mins $34.95 +tax

iPhone 5S Screen Replacements are the most popular repair by iLogic Repairs.  Its include “LCD” and “digitizer” on that repair. Usual Repair time is about 20 minutes.

iPhone 5S Battery replacement take about 10-15 minutes! If your Phone dies fast and doesn’t hold the charge at least 6 hours you might need replace your battery.

iPhone 5S Charging port replacement take about 15-25 minutes to fix your issue with charge your iPhone or your headphone jack not working even microphone doesn’t work. It’s all one part “Charging Port”.

Welcome To iLogic Repairs for iPhone 5S Repair:

We’re professional iPhone 5S screen replacement service! We will completely fix your cracked or broken glass on the iPhone 5S. If you have a cracked iPhone 5S screen, or even if your iPhone 5S front glass is completely broken. This repair service will fully replace the iPhone five S broken front glass “digitizer” and “LCD” screen.

We use the highest quality replacement glass available for this repair.

For more details on our iPhone 5S screen repairs service, please contact us anytime at (201) 372-0303 or feel free to come in at our repair store, we Located close to you in Rutherford NJ

We are professional in iPhone 5S repair service.  We can fix any cracked or shattered glass screen even power button, home button, battery, charging port, Front or back Camera on your iPhone 5S.  The iLogic Repairs experts are some of the most experienced technicians you can find anywhere to diagnose and repair the Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, or International Version of your iPhone 5S.  Our professionals technicians will repair your iPhone 5S cracked glass screen by completely replacing your glass and its built in “digitizer”.  Also, as part of our repair process, our technicians will assess any other damage that may be related to the broken glass.

Note:  If you have minor damage to your back Frame, such as a scratched or dented corners, this will generally NOT impede our ability to repair your iPhone 5S. We fix your modestly bent corners as a complimentary service during our repair process. They won’t be gone, but they will be improved and we use special tools for unbending corners.

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