Ipad 2 Repairs

The iPad 2 launched on March 2, 2011. The iPad 2 model numbers are: A1395, A1396 and A1397 depending on the configuration. The iLogic offers iPad 2 screen replacements in just 90-120 minutes. Even Water damage, Charging port replacement, back or front camera and LCD. All Parts For iPad 2 that we use is highest quality part you can find.

Repair Issue Includes Repair Time Price
Glass Replacement Broken or Cracked Glass/Unresponsive Touch 90mins Call us for price
LCD Replacement Broken LCD/Spotted or Black Screen Same Day Call us for price
Glass & LCD Replacement Cracked Glass/Broken LCD Same Day Call us for price
Broken Dock Connector Won’t Charge or Connect to Computer 90mins Call us for price
Bad WiFi Antenna Weak or No WiFi Signal at All Times 90mins Call us for price
Headphone Jack Replacement Stuck Headphones/No Sound from Headphones 90mins Call us for price

Welcome To iLogic Repairs for iPad 2 Repair:

We are experts in iPad 2 screen replacement.  We have fixed thousands of iPads – and we can fix yours. The iLogic Repairs experts are some of the most exprienced technicians you can find anywhere to properly diagnose and replace the glass on your iPad 2.  Our process will expertly replace the cracked or shattered glass, installing an original quality new glass screen with digitizer.

The 2rd generation iPad 2 is sometimes described like this:  “It looks exactly like an iPad 3 but it doesn’t has the retina display.  The connnector port on the bottom looks exactly like the iPad 3 – it is the old-style Apple 30-Pin connector (See image).    Still not 100 percent sure?  Just call our friendly customer service like at 201-372-0303 or feel free to come in at our repair store, we Located close to you in Rutherford NJ, we can help.

By ordering this repair, we will quickly and expertly replace your cracked or shattered glass on your iPad 2.  We use only original quality parts for this repair.  Your iPad screen will be like new again.

Have a dented metal back plate?  That’s ok.  Many iPads with broken or shattered glass also have minor dents to the corners or edges of the metal back plate.  This is very common and will generally NOT impede our ability to repair your iPad 2.  Whenever possible, we will also fix and improve the appearance of your minor dents as a complimentary service during our repair process.  They won’t be gone, but they will be improved in appearance.

Our iPad 2 glass replacement service is an outstanding value. Our pricing is simple.  No extras or hidden costs.  If you are comparison shopping, don’t fall for gimmicks that make the total cost of your iPad repair MORE (sometimes much more).  At iLogic Repairs we are proud of our pricing:  No games. No gimmicks.  Lowest overall cost.  100% satisfied customers.

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