Samsung Note 7 Alternative!

Samsung Note 7 Alternative!

Huawei Mate 9

This phone is basically a phablet just like the high potential Note 7. This phone is built to last and is built with a fast processor, great camera, and lastly with a high capacity battery life. This phone has a solid build quality that can withstand many drops but like all phones there is a limit to how much this phone can endure.

The Note 7 has a fast processor, a better camera but the battery life is alike with the Huawei Mate 9. The huge difference is that the Mate 9 has won’t blow up or burn your hands on a day to day basis.


The Huawei Mate 9 is VR-ready and also implements good visual’s with its high digital screen. The screen is 1080P full HD but comparing it to the Note 7, there is no competition. The Note 7 has a 2K screen which creates an illusion that the pixels are seamless and creates a visual that is very good.

The Full metal build of the Mate 9 is what makes this phone much more durable then the rest on the market so in due time this phone will suffer a scratch but other then that, everything should still be fitted and ready to use. The build covers the display. This creates a protection for the screen when the phone is accidentally dropped. Many phones have edge to edge technology to make the phone look very good but this makes the phone more vulnerable to drops and scratches. This also makes the screen more vulnerable to cracks and shatters.

The interface is comparable with google pixel and the samsung series. It’s software has Android 7 Nougat which can accommodate many applications and run everything at top performance. This software will optimize your battery life with any phone and make your device run optimal even with many background apps since this software can distribute power evenly to all applications to keep the battery healthy.

Huawei Mate 9 Photo – taken by Mate 9

This phone has great performance with the latest Kirin┬áprocessor. The Mate 9 has a heavy battery life that can out perform other devices with it’s 4000 mhz battery. This phone has a 20 MP camera with a 12 MP front camera which is highly underrated due to the iPhone 7 plus only having about 5 MP in use for the front camera. The Note 7 is the dominant phone but if the phone were still alive then the Mate 9 will be the pal of Note 7 due to the many similarities they have with each other.