How to Solve Macbook Pro 2016 Battery Issues.

How to Solve Macbook Pro 2016 Battery Issues.

The Apple Macbook has run across some issues with it’s stability with battery life. The New Apple Macbook Pro 2016 is not so perfect as they say on the media. Users have experienced 2 hours of battery life when the Macbook itself should be surviving for 10 hours of battery life. When Users of the Macbook started to send their feedback through twitter and other social media, Apple started to work on updates.

The 10.12.2 software update to macOS Sierra fixes a majority of problems with the MBP 2016, however, this update completely removes the battery life percentage count on your top right of the screen which makes users frustrated with Apple.

The Best ways to fix these issues are as follows.

  1. Ensure that your Macbook is running on Low Performance Mode.

When your MBP is running at startup, make sure that you switch your MBP to Low Performance Mode. This will limit your processing speed on your power hungry motherboard. This will extend your battery life by hours. This mode will also not use your discreet graphics card. The dedicated graphics card (when in use) will drain your battery quickly.

The Graphics card works with software and gaming but this card also will run off your browser also. If your Macbook Pro is running on high performance mode then your card will process videos and images through your browser which will look great but will have a huge impact on your battery life.

2. Download the Latest Update.

The 10.12.2 software update is the latest so far and this update will help manage battery life better than before. This update helps the power delivered from the battery to the CPU and helps the CPU process specific application better for prolong battery life.

This update removes the Battery Percentage Counter however there are other ways to see how much juice is left in your Macbook Pro. You can launch Activity Monitor on your Mac, click on the Energy tab at the top, and find the number at the bottom.