Google Pixel Triumphs Apple’s iPhone?

Google Pixel Triumphs Apple’s iPhone?

When the Cyber weekend happened, so many consumers stepped up to the plate to buy as much as they needed during the hectic holiday sales. A big opportunity appeared for many companies to start pushing out major deals across the world and one company was making hit deals over another.



The Google Pixel device was on sale and everyone who wanted a new phone was ready for the fight to purchase this one. Statistics show that the Google Pixel device activations were up 112% compared to the smartphone’s average number of activations during the previous weekends, according to new data from When looking at how Apple’s hit iPhone pro sales, the comparison was quickly acknowledged. The iPhone 7 pro activations were only up 13% and Google Pixel were up 112%. (Research conducted with 2.7 billion devices worldwide)



This proves that Android users are more patient to purchase their phones than iPhone users, however,  iPhone users are still more popularized than Google Pixel at the end of the holiday deals.