Amazon Echo Beats Sale Records!

Amazon Echo Beats Sale Records!

Amazon released Echo during 2014 with positive reviews across the boards. Amazon was able to sell over 5 million Echo products all together. This product replicates what Siri does on a daily basis. Echo did not have the attention of everyone on release date which was less then 25% of Amazon’s community. Then when heavy advertisements were used for the amazon site, people started to take notice and give the Echo a shot. People were happy about their purchase since the reviews were stable around 4.5 to 4.7.


People who have iPhones or Androids can work with Amazon Echo and let Alexa voice service do as you say. Asking a question about the cold war or what is the current weather are some questions Alexa can answer. Not only is it a talking AI but it can help with turning off lights, controlling locks, and help with another home bluetooth device. Amazon Echo can take song requests on command also.


Amazon hit a major milestone with their success product of Amazon Echo and we hope to see Amazon accomplish much more in the near future.

The Amazon Echo ran for $180 and is now on sale (11/28/16) for $140.