Charging Cables

Charging Cables

The battery inside of a phone and tablet are very fragile and if misused then your phone could go powerless and break. Every consumer that has a phone¬†must make sure that their charger is from the phone’s manufacture and if the charging cable or usb charge hub is not from the phones provider then specifically the voltage must be correct. Phones need a specific charge limit with their cables.


Using high quality chargers can help you only quarter for a year

If your phone is using a third party charging cable constantly this may damage your phone. The cheap charging cables are cheap for a reason. That reason goes for the longevity and durability of the cable when in use. These cables are only to be used for a two month period or shorter. Spending money on a high quality charger will improve the life of your phone and your phone will be grateful by not terminally itself permanently.

Manage how long you charge your phone.

Manufacturer’s create their phones to optimize the charging cables usage for a long time. In order to keep your phone and it’s battery life healthy, you must use original charging cables or original charging hubs.