Google Pixel XL Bests iPhone 7 Plus?

Google Pixel XL Bests iPhone 7 Plus?

High Performance

The Google Pixel XL is Google’s number one contender to one up the iPhone 7 Plus. Google managed to create a better performing phone with longer lasting battery life comparing to their previous phone, the Google 6P. The Battery life is noticeably better with nearly up to 1000 mAh of power differential.



The Pixel XL also has one of the best Cameras on the scene with it’s Large 2.3″ Sensor that in which compared to the iPhone 7 Plus, is larger in size and can be arguably better than the iPhone 7 plus’s Sensor. The Resolution of the screen will look very sharp with eye candy colors and Deep contrast ( 1440×2560 ( `534 ppi pixel density )). This phone is slim and has a great performing battery that can be comparable to the Droid Turbo Series with their large and lasting batteries.

“Looking Good”

The Google Pixel XL was made in light of the dramatic events of the Galaxy Note 7 and many Android seeking enthusiasts would look into other alternatives like this phone right here. This phone itself has a plain two-tone design with hard plastic and Glass on the back panel. The Pixel XL is also splash and dust resistant.



This can not be drowned in the ocean of course, however, when it is raining outside and there is no case protection, the Pixel XL should hold it’s own without any problems. This phone can be purchased with different color’s in mind such as Quite Black, Very Silver, and Really Blue. The System OS is also at it’s newest operating system of Nougat (7.1) which will have all the new software abilities that other Android systems may not be able to do.



Final Thoughts

The iPhone 7 Plus has an amazing arrangement set of skills but it can not reign supreme over other gadgets out there. The Google Pixel XL out performs many androids out there on the market but does it out perform the iPhone 7 plus. Our Answer is that both phone’s are high performing and both take solid pictures which is very hard for us to settle with one phone being better than the other.




The iPhone 7 Plus wins with the popular vote with over millions sold worldwide the first two weeks. Specifically with Hardware comparisons and debating which one is more quick than the other is up to you and how you handle day to day tasks with both devices. Let us know below what you think is the better device.