Monthly Archives: November 2016

Google Pixel Triumphs Apple’s iPhone?

When the Cyber weekend happened, so many consumers stepped up to the plate to buy as much as they needed during the hectic holiday sales. A big opportunity appeared for many companies to start pushing out major deals across the world and one company was making hit deals over another.   The Google Pixel device […]

Amazon Echo Beats Sale Records!

Amazon released Echo during 2014 with positive reviews across the boards. Amazon was able to sell over 5 million Echo products all together. This product replicates what Siri does on a daily basis. Echo did not have the attention of everyone on release date which was less then 25% of Amazon’s community. Then when heavy […]

Charging Cables

The battery inside of a phone and tablet are very fragile and if misused then your phone could go powerless and break. Every consumer that has a phone must make sure that their charger is from the phone’s manufacture and if the charging cable or usb charge hub is not from the phones provider then specifically […]

Faulty Batteries in Macbook Pro

This is a customers laptop that is under going repairs. This Macbook Pro suffered a combusted battery and will no longer be operational unless a new battery is sought out and replaced. If you have anything wrong with your Macbook Pro or any other commercialized laptop; We ensure you that we can repair any damages […]

Google Pixel XL Bests iPhone 7 Plus?

High Performance The Google Pixel XL is Google’s number one contender to one up the iPhone 7 Plus. Google managed to create a better performing phone with longer lasting battery life comparing to their previous phone, the Google 6P. The Battery life is noticeably better with nearly up to 1000 mAh of power differential.   The […]