Reasons to Return Your Samsung Note 7

Reasons to Return Your Samsung Note 7

If you have a Samsung Note 7 please reconsider your stance on your outlook towards your phone. This phone is not safe to use in all cases. This is why we have compiled some reasons on why you should return your Samsung Note 7 as soon as you can.

1.The Hardware is faulty. The main build of the Samsung Note 7 is harmful to users and should not be field tested to anyone whatsoever. People who have the phone will experience the phone overheating very quickly and if too hot the phone will become to burn from the inside or even worse combust. This phone is dangerous to all users and should be returned as soon as they hold the phone. There is no time to wait and should be returned to their phone provider.160902121639-samsung-galaxy-note-7-fire-front-780x4392. The Deadline for your phone to be returned due to its world-wide spread of combustion is December. The deadline is coming soon and many people still have a Galaxy Note 7 and these people should exchange their phones and look at it as a safety precaution.

3. This Exchange will give you the chance to try out other new powerful phones in the market. The phones your provider could show you are phones that are top of the line in terms of speed and quality. Sprint customers who have purchased the Note 7 can have the chance to own an iPhone 7 plus or stick with samsung for their Galaxy S7.



4.Samsung will be discontinuing the production of the device. Service centers may not accept the note 7 for repairs of any damage from the faulty battery occurs. Parts for the Note 7 will become harder to come by so even bringing it by to iLogicRepairs, We could repair your faulty battery, however, it will be expensive due to limited parts. The company is also very unlikely to provide software updates. These updates are critical on how your phone will perform due to new updates on applications, which not optimized will cause the phone to slow down. If slowed down your battery may be effected and may overheat.