Monthly Archives: October 2016

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Repairs

Repairs done on Tablets are quick and a guaranteed success. We completed a repair on Microsoft Surface Pro 3 with a Cracked/Shattered Screen. If anyone is looking for a quick and simple way to repair their iPads or iPhones and all other laptops and phones, come by and we will get it back to you […]

Reasons to Return Your Samsung Note 7

If you have a Samsung Note 7 please reconsider your stance on your outlook towards your phone. This phone is not safe to use in all cases. This is why we have compiled some reasons on why you should return your Samsung Note 7 as soon as you can. 1.The Hardware is faulty. The main build […]

Macbook 2016 – Busted or Revolutionary?

Macbook 2016 – Busted or Revolutionary? Apple has released a new keynote press conference that has lead many speculations of followers to think that the mac lineup will be refreshed with a brand new redesign and specific hardware changes which can make Macs a must buy. The invitation sent out to the press contains a […]

iPhone 7 Plus 32Gb – Slowest iPhone

The iPhone 7 Plus 32GB version has been reported to have slow run times with its iOS system when processing memory with videos and photos. This is a huge aspect of the phone that should be considered when purchasing a new phone in general and when a new phone comes out there is always a drawback to […]

Apple AirPods worth $150?

iPhone 7 AirPods – Worth it? Apple will be releasing their brand new wireless ear-buds that will be priced at $159.00. Apple suggests using these headphones for your new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. These headphones are also compatible with your Mac devices for some leisure time when moving from one room to another. […]

Alternative phones for iPhone 7 Plus

Is $770 worth it for a new iPhone? Which phone is more capable or as capable and is cheaper to purchase than the iPhone 7 Plus? Here is a list of Phones that we have compiled which can run as fast as the iPhone 7 Plus. 1. NEXUS 6P How Fast is it? The Nexus […]