iPhone 7 plus Camera Could Replace DSLR’s

iPhone 7 plus Camera Could Replace DSLR’s

The new iPhone 7 Plus has the brand new wide angle lens with much better precision with capturing images. This camera is able to capture very detailed images with high quality depth of field photos.

The differences between iPhone 7 plus and DSLR’s

The iPhone 7 plus is Automatic with taking photos. The Dual 12 MP, (28mm, f/1.8, OIS & 56mm, f/2.8) Camera will automatically detect your primary subject and snap the photo with optimal detailed percision.


The DSLR’s have to be manually adjusted and will take some time to find that perfect photo. Manually we must set the DoF and focus the camera towards our subject.  We can set it to automatically detect the subject but without a touchscreen this would cause slight issues for the camera to focus onto our subject.

DSLR’s has more features for photos than the iPhone 7 plus and these features are handled better than its competitor. These features consists about the dimensions of the photo when taken and with the iPhone 7 plus it is always set to default. There are cropping features for the iPhone 7 plus but changing the whole photo to a smaller pixel rate would require third party applications and would take time out of your day to change it.

DSLR’s hardware is more customizable than the iPhone 7 plus. DSLR’s are able to switch out it’s lens and create better imagery. Having a different lens can be used for different environments such as for Extreme wide shots to Extreme close up shots.


iPhone 7 plus uses its software to automatically detect whether the subject is in EWS or ECU form. This makes the user experience easier for the user and photography in general easy.

The Learning curve for taking photos for DSLR’s is very high but for the iPhone 7 plus it is very easy for the user. DSLR users need to learn all features to replicate great photos but for the iPhone 7 plus, you take the photo and use filters to add to the photo

In Conclusion

The iPhone 7 plus has a powerful camera and would beat old DSLR’s with stock lens. The Camera is automatic and is faster for capturing images. The detailed photos are very precise and gives the environment a high saturation which could beat outdated DSLR’s. If an owner has an old DSLR and purchases the iPhone 7 plus, this phone alone can replace its owners DSLR. Modifications for the iPhone 7 plus is in the mix since the phone released just recently so when the hardware comes out then this phone is a competitor for the latest DSLR’s.