The Pikachu Phenomenon!

The Pikachu Phenomenon!

Pokemon Go

Pokemon is a pocket monster game that has trainers fight each other using animated creatures. These Pokemon has the ability to use different types of moves that pertains to their type. There are water, ground, electric, fire, rock, fairy, flying, and other types of elements that pokemon have control of.

Pika PikAchu

The New Pokemon Go app is sweeping the world as the most popular phone app. Finding Pokemon can even replace your daily workout by walking outside with your friends or jogging outside to find some rare pokemon. Pokemon can be found anywhere but the best places to find them are hotspots or key locations on the app which can range from churches to your local bar.

Since the Pokemon Go app is linked to Google Earth every small location is known in the game. People are able to create their own hotspots wherever they are by using lure modules in the game.

Lure Module

A Lure Module is a more sophisticated version of incense that attracts Pokemon to a particular PokeStop for a period of 30 minutes. Not only is it more effective, but it also targets the PokeStop not just for the player, but all players interacting with the PokeStop during that period! It can be bought from the Shop in groups of either 1 or 8 in exchange for PokeCoins according to More pokemon is always better and the Lure Module will help you Catch ’em All!

Pokemon Go doesn’t seem to show signs of becoming less popular anytime soon. Pokemon Go has about 7.5 Million Downloads as of July 11th. This means that the app is becoming as popular as Snapchat and Twitter. Pokemon Go is not showing signs of becoming less popular anytime soon which is great to see!