What Should I Do? | Water-Damage

What Should I Do? | Water-Damage


You’re having fun with your friends by a pleasant beach. The water is crystal clear with waves that are soothing to hear. The weather is hot and the Sun is Bright. You run into the open sea without thinking and just want to soak up the enriched waters of the ocean. You then feel out your pockets to ensure yourself being within the water, “Oh no!” Your phone was in your pocket the whole time! Now your phone is suffering from water damage!What Should I Do?

When your phone is filled with water how should I dry it?

What is the best way to dry up the phone?


First Step

Do not Turn on your Phone or tablet.

This can damage the phone further because the motherboard can be damaged in the process of the device powering up. This happens because of the circuit board being able to short charge and be unable to work afterwards. This will permanently damage your phone and will push you to buy a new phone or get the device fully repaired by your local stores.

Second Step

Unplug the Battery.

Unplugging the battery makes a huge difference with fixing your device. We recommend you to do this if you have experience on working with phones or tablets. By means of taking away the battery, the device can no longer cause a shortage within its system.

Third Step


If you’re unable to unplug the battery, dry up your device quickly enough or are unable to get the device up and running then go to iLogicRepair. At iLogicRepairs we professionally dry up your phone in a matter of minutes with our high-tech devices. We call as soon as the device is cleared to use and it’ll look brand new. No longer will you have to deal with water stuck inside your display or have water inside your device when we are finished.