We’ve all heard a lot of charging myths. Here are some facts about charging your iPhone:

Using Non-Apple chargers is dangerous: If you use a charger from trusted brand, and has the Made for iPhone/iPad label, then it should be safe to charge your iPhone. You should however be extremely careful and avoid cheap, knockoff chargers that typically cut costs by bypassing safety mechanisms and steps that make charging the device safe and efficient. Most incidents of iPhone batteries exploding are caused by knockoff cables, chargers, or batteries…

Don’t operate your phone while charging: This myth originated from isolated incidents of people claiming their phone exploded while they were using it and charging it at the same time. However, the actual cause was the use of a knockoff charger in each case.

Don’t charge your phone overnight: Some people claim that this can damage the phone’s battery. The iPhone is programmed to stop charging once it has been fully charged, and will automatically disconnect, so this is another myth that only applied to earlier technologies.

There’s no need to turn off your iPhone: an Apple Genius says that turning your phone off when not using it for a longtime like overnight, or while at work, will actually help improve the device’s battery life, and at the same time save battery since the phone internal apps, updates and location services are not working.

Charge your iPhone only after it discharges completely: Another myth is also based on older technology devices like laptops and cameras. The truth is that Lithium- Ion batteries, which is used in the iPhone, gets damaged, and unstable if they get discharged completely. Again, smartphones have sensors to continuously regulate and monitor the charging of your device, making it unnecessary to worry about your phone charge status.

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