Repairing your smartphone – Common misconceptions

Repairing your smartphone – Common misconceptions

Fixing a smartphone can be almost as expensive as buying a new! Apple notoriously makes their products seem difficult for consumers to get inside, which can make you think that the only solution you have is to take the phone to the original dealer.

There are many mistakes people make when it comes to repairing their smartphone, you may end up costing yourself even more money should you try to fix it yourself. 

You should do your research before decided what action to take, that way you know your options can make the right choices when it comes to repairing your phone.

Some of the common myths that people tend to believe about  smartphones that can end up costing you big are as follows:

  • Water damage means the end of your phone.It is true that water is not good for a smart phone and Apple phones are vulnerable when it comes to getting wet. Apple for example has installed water sensors throughout the phones to deny warranty repairs for phones with water damage. However, just because your phone has some exposure to water does not mean that you need to pay top dollar for out-of-warranty repair or get a new phone.  Many websites like com have some tips for how you can fix a wet phone or tablet. You can also take your phone to professionals who may be able to help you to fix the phone in case it gets wet. While there is no guarantee that taking steps to save your wet phone will be successful, it is worth a try rather than having to spend a ton of money to buy a totally brand new iPhone; we at will take every measure and try any method to save you money and your phone.
  • Third party cell repair shops will void my warranty if they repair my device. This is an inaccurate statement: Your warranty is automatically void after 1 year anyway, but even if you do the repair before that, there are ways to open the phone without lifting any flags. Water sensors for example can be replaced so they do not show signs of water damage which void the warranty. A top service technician would be able to open your device without leaving any trace. Phone companies instead scare you into going to them instead so they can charge you top dollar. A reputable service center like can do all that for you.
  • A dead battery means you need a new phone.Cell phone companies have led people to believe that it is advisable to just get a new device if the battery on their old one dies.  While some dealers charge a lot of money to replace the battery, you do not necessarily have to go to them. Some people might even try to replace it on their own, but this could in many cases lead to worst results or side effects if they do not do it correctly. Our tech professionals, who work on smartphone of all brands,can replacethe battery on your phone with minimum cost, rather than having to go out and buy a brand new device.
  • You must have repairs done by original dealer. Every company wants you to believethat they are the only one qualified to do repairs on their phone. The reality is that there are other experienced, qualified and professional cell phone and tech repair companies out there that offer services to fix any product. In many cases, we can provide faster and better quality service than any retailer would offer.
  • Smartphone repair is expensive, so you should just try it yourself to save money. Because most products tend to be costly to buy, it is natural to assume that there will also be a significant expense associated with the repair of a broken phone.  Of course the ultimate cheap way is to try and fix the phone yourself but unless you are tech-savvy, in many cases you may end up causing more damage, ending up costing you more in the long run than it will to get it repaired. The reality is that while some repairs are more expensive than others, it is possible to get your device repaired without breaking the bank. This is especially true if you take your phone to be repaired by tech professionals other than the dealer, the way you would take your car to your favorite mechanic instead of your local car dealer who will almost always overcharge you. As long as you take your phone to a trusted place, you have nothing to worry about. We at have certified specialists and use top quality and genuine replacement parts to make sure your phone is back to its original self, without having to pay top dollar by taking it to an Apple store.

Just bring your phone to us and we will make sure we bring it back up to speed in no time.


In short, these are some of the common myths associated with Apple iPhone repair.  You should be sure that you fully understand the options for repairs that are available to you before you make the choice to either buy a new smartphone or send your phone off to Apple to be fixed. Bring your phone to us or send us an e-mail with the specific problem and we can help you determine what the best action to take. Just press any of the links to get in touch with us.

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